Come see and hear Ocean, March 1-3, 2007 at the Carnival Center in Miami.

Andrew Culver makes chamber and orchestral music, electronic and computer music, sound sculpture and music sculpture, film, lighting, text pieces and installations. He performs concerts on sound sources of his own invention. He develops databases and software to realize his work, and to make chance operations accessible to others. He also writes about music, art and anarchy.

Andrew Culver
iLiv Culver is the composer of Ocean 1-95, the orchestral component of Ocean, Merce Cunningham's masterpiece of contemporary dance. Presented at the inaugural Lincoln Center Festival 96, the New York Times called Ocean "beautiful by any definition", and the San Francisco Examiner "a luminous landmark . . . an epic abstraction of manifold and incomparable beauties".
Tensegrity Sound Source # 5 Ocean's electronic music is by David Tudor, the lighting and costumes are by Marsha Skinner, and the concept and plan by John Cage and Merce Cunningham, their final collaboration. Culver's music, scored for 112 instrumental soloists in the round, and lasting 90 minutes, consists of 32,067 events spread over 95 compositions in five continuously overlapping layers. Of the music, the New York Times noted that it possessed "the calm of the deep", and that the composer possessed "the same sense of fun [as John Cage]".
Tensegrity Sound Source # 5
  Culver is the composer of over 60 works in varied media, including microtonality (Architectonic Space), percussion (Signature), music sculpture (Music with Tensegrity Sound  Source #5), computer music (PCOOSS), film (From Zero), and computer projected text (to reach the impossibility of transferring from one like image to another the memory imprint).
John Cage Computer Programs
    Culver was the assistant to John Cage on all aspects of his work during his final 11 years. He programmed the chance operations and compositional processes central to Cage's work. He worked on the composition of all five Cage operas, and he directed Europeras 1 & 2 in Frankfurt, Purchase and Zurich, Europeras 3 & 4 in London, Strasbourg, Berlin, Paris, and Long Beach, and Europera 5 in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
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